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Animal Healing and Communication for your pet in the comfort of their own home!

How Paws for Healing can help your companion

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Natural Food Remedies

Giving your companion the opportunity to self select from a variety of natural macerated oils made by infusion of fresh herbs and sunflower oil for a safe, delicious and nutritious taste experience.  See your pet make their own choices in the oils they select for their own physical and emotional health


As a complement to veterinary care to ease illness or as a means of balancing your animal's energy centres or Chakras bringing harmony to mind and body, offering a relaxing and calming healing experience.  Healing can be helpful to many physical, emotional and behavioural concerns for more troubled pets and can be just as beneficial to healthy animals and their families.

Lifestyle Guidance

Looking at your pet's background, family history, current environment, diet, lifestyle and family unit in order to offer a detailed insight and practical advice as to how you can help them achieve and maintain optimum health and well-being.  An optional full written report can be provided following your consultation.

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