About Rosalyn Cunnane - Animal Healer and Communicator

From a very early age, Rosalyn has had a deep passion for caring for and giving love to four pawed companions.  She has a special affinity with cats but works with all small furry animals.  Working with animals is a pure delight, emotionally rewarding and Rosalyn feels very blessed to work with and provide some help and hope to each and every animal she meets. 


Our animal companions have a wonderful way of teaching, guiding and healing us and with a little patience, time and understanding we can learn to tap into their energy, heal them and create a beautiful life long bond of unconditional love. 

Rosalyn acts as a conduit for universal healing energy to flow creating a safe and loving space for animals to use that energy to heal themselves.  Healing can be given both in person and remotely through distant healing.

Rosalyn is a Fully Qualified Animal Healer and Communicator and can provide guidance on general holistic care of your pet and by sensing and feeling their energy centres (Chakras) she can help them deal with both emotional trauma and physical manifestations of past hurts.

With many years experience in healing both animals and humans, extensive training in healing, meditation and holistic therapies Rosalyn creates a safe and loving space for both you and your pet to enjoy a truly beneficial healing.

Healing is for all animals, healthy and happy or unwell and troubled.   With empathy and respect for your situation, Rosalyn can also offer bereavement healing following the loss of a beloved pet or during a time of illness.  With her own life experiences in bereavement, she can provide a genuinely sympathetic and heart felt source of emotional healing and support. 

Rosalyn is fully Insured to work with animals in a healing capacity including provision of herbal macerated oils for self selection by your pet.

For help and support please call, text or email today.